As a fabricator, what I can construct is only limited by creativity.

Iron & Acorn specializes in one off furniture designs and other custom fabrications. I'll work closely with you through all stages of design and development. I manufacture most products in-house (assistance on some projects is sought locally), and most materials are purchased locally or regionally.

It's not easy work, but the results are worth it.


During our initial meeting, we discuss purpose, materials, budget, and design. The next step is 3d design. I'll create a 3D rendering of the proposed design, where we can make further changes. Once the design is finalize, I begin fabrication.


For table tops, I offer various metals (copper, bronze, stainless steel, and steel), wood, and concrete. For legs, I can fabricate those out of any of the previously described metals under table tops.


I offer all types of welding repair. I also fabricate architectural details, such as handrailings.


A gallery of current projects (along with what inspires me) can be found over at my Instagram (Ironandacorn)

A bit about me.

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My journey into metal work started with me playing music with a friend. I was needing work, and his father, who is a sculptor, invited me to work at his shop. I knew next to nothing. That was about 10 years ago. It's been a life changing experience. My knowledge and experience has increased exponetially since then. There is always something to learn, and ways to improve. I dislike really good design, hampered by the use of cheap materials. I love creating a product that can be passed down through generations. Something that will last.

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